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  • Original music for games and films
  • Sound design and adaptive audio
  • Arrangment and orchestration
  • Recording, editing, mixing and mastering

Mahjong Monster Arena 

Mobile game produced by Kreativitas. We commissioned the composition of 3 original music tracks and sound effects.

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Quando Nós Nos Adotamos

Documentary directed by Thiago Lázeri and produced by Simone Uriartt and Melissa Pozatti, telling the stories of five families formed through adoption. I was hired to compose the original music and handle the audio mixing for the film.

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Sobre Nós
00:00 / 02:32
O Nó
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Drawing Desk 

Virtual reality game produced by Govak Reality on behalf of 4Axis Solutions, a company based in Singapore. I was hired to deliver 4 finalized soundtracks and sound effects, following a brief that called for meditative and minimalist themes with distinct timbres for each scenario.

Main Theme
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Cottage House
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Space City
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Orchestral soundtrack composed for the Bridgerton Score Competition 2022, an event related to the acclaimed Netflix series, Bridgerton.

My Bridgerton Score
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War of the Worlds

Sound design work for an augmented reality experience commissioned for Jeff Wayne's musical, War of The Worlds, which has been staged in London with various productions since the 1970s. The experience was produced by Govak Reality and approved by Jeff Wayne himself, a seasoned composer with over 3000 soundtracks.

360° Mobility

Original music composed for a virtual reality project undertaken in collaboration between the Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga Foundation (Vida Urgente) and the Global Shapers Community. Two distinct arrangements were crafted for the same theme, one for the project itself and another for promotional purposes.


Semi-finalist game in the Game Jam Plus 2022, developed in collaboration with Sorora Games. My work included composing original music and crafting sound effects.

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