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Born in Taquara (RS) and currently residing in Porto Alegre (RS), Mariano Telles is a guitarist, composer, music producer, and educator. As an eclectic musician, his primary artistic identity arises from the fusion of Brazilian and Latin American guitar traditions with electronic and technological elements, resulting in a sonic and aesthetic exploration that straddles the worlds of instrumental music and film scoring.


His first encounter with music occurred during childhood when he learned to play the keyboard, an instrument his father was passionate about. Later, under the influence of his mother, who had a deep appreciation for the guitar, he developed an interest in this instrument. He commenced his studies in Taquara with Professor Álvaro Vicente, who introduced him to the world of classical guitar. After several years, he began studying with Daniel Sá, preparing for admission to the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he graduated with academic honors as a Bachelor of Music with a specialization in guitar under the guidance of Paulo Inda. Throughout his university years, he participated in numerous festivals, seminars, and masterclasses, honing his skills with some of the most prominent figures in the world of guitar.

In 2017, he released his debut album, 'Ária Metropolitana,' which was the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Catarse platform. Music critic Juarez Fonseca, writing for Jornal Zero Hora, remarked about this work: 'Mariano seamlessly blends Gaúcho rhythms, classical music, Brazilian music, and progressive rock into a unique sound.' The title track of the album was accompanied by a music video produced in collaboration with American videographer Mindrelic, while the tracks 'Carmim' and 'Souvenir' also received music videos, created by Bruna Zanatta and Vitória Macedo, respectively. The video for 'Carmim' was selected for the 'Talentos' segment on the Um Café Lá em Casa channel.

mariano telles (créditos - Vitória Maced

Mariano has performed as a soloist with the Unisc String Orchestra, participated in the recording and release of accordionist Fernando Ávila's album 'A Lua de Santiago,' and has been featured in projects such as Sofar Sounds, Vale da Música at the Ópera de Arame in Curitiba, Virada Sustentável in Porto Alegre, Festival Ângela Flach, Ecarta Musical, and more. In 2019, he produced and presented the show 'Baden Power' at the Bruno Kiefer Theater in the Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, featuring reinterpretations of Baden Powell's work, blending Brazilian guitar with electronic sounds.

In addition to his work as a musician and composer, Mariano Telles has collaborated as a composer of original soundtracks and a sound designer for various projects, creating and producing music and sound for both audiovisual and video game productions, working with companies such as Adoção Tardia, Kreativitas, Govak Reality, Sorora Games, and others.


For over 17 years, Mariano has been developing a solid career as a music educator, serving as a guitar instructor in various institutions, including Piano&Cia School, Casa da Música de Poa, Santa Cecília Project, and the UFRGS Extension Course. He currently teaches exclusively in his own studio in the city of Porto Alegre.

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