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Guitar lessons

" Hi, how are you? I'm Mariano Telles, a musician and guitar teacher. If you've landed on this page, chances are you're in search of guitar lessons. Right below, you'll find more information about me, some testimonials from students who have studied with me, and also the outcomes of these lessons, with videos featuring some of my students.

I believe in a student-centered approach that doesn't view the learner as a blank slate to be filled with information but rather as an individual with their own tastes, goals, challenges, and prior knowledge. In this way, the student becomes an active participant in shaping the lessons, contributing to the choice of repertoire and the topics that pique their interest the most. My role is to act as a guide on this journey, curating the best information, organizing knowledge progressively, showing shortcuts, and helping to chart the path forward.

 Mariano Telles
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Mariano Telles is an active artist in the music scene of Rio Grande do Sul, where he has been working for over 17 years as a musician, teacher, and music producer. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from UFRGS with a specialization in classical guitar, graduating with academic honors.

As a guitar teacher, he has been involved in various projects, schools, and courses, as well as teaching hundreds of private students. He has taught at the UFRGS Extension Course in Musical Instruments, the Santa Cecília Project, Piano&Cia music school, Casa da Música Poa, Santa Teresinha School, among others.

Currently, he teaches guitar in his own studio, located in the city of Porto Alegre.


Leticia Roennau overcame her musical theory traumas and she was accepted into the music course of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

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Student Videos

Paulo Dalla Santa playing Milonga, by Jorge Cardoso

Sobre as Aulas


The classes are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students alike. Depending on the level, we can explore various complementary contents:


Learning the songs themselves, where we unveil their secrets and create strategies to understand and master them.


Acquiring neuromuscular awareness, discovering how to achieve the best efficiency in movements.


Understanding the whys and the wherefores, where we uncover explanations for what lies behind what we hear and play.


Developing the famous "music ear," where we learn to listen to music, understanding what is happening.


Exploring our own sound, expressing ourselves through novelty, whether through improvisation, composition, or arrangement.

The Studio

For those who choose the in-person option, classes are conducted in a dedicated studio located within a commercial building. The studio is equipped with climate control, acoustic treatment, instruments readily available, internet access, a printer, a waiting room, and audio and video recording equipment, all of which create a conducive environment for the development of musical potential.

For those who opt for the virtual option, the space provides high-quality facilities for the capture and transmission of lessons


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